Three Advantages Of Pine Furniture


  1. Price

Pine is much cheaper than other solid wood furniture made out of such materials as oak, making it a popular choice for those on a budget but still looking for something sturdy.

  1. Color

Pine has a very neutral color, allowing it to blend in with most any room in your house. This makes it a very versatile piece of furniture.

  1. Wear

Although pine furniture is very sturdy, it does easily dent and scratch; this leads to a very unique look as the piece gets older.

For authentic hand made pine furniture visit Dick’s Wood Creations today.

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Three Common North American Pine Trees

  1. Eastern White Pine

The Eastern White Pine is the state tree of both Maine and Michigan. As one of the tallest conifers in eastern North America, this tree was used extensively in the past to construct masts for large sailing ships. Newer cut pine has a creamy white color, but aged it can develop a much deeper shade.


  1. Yellow Pine

This tree is primarily found in the southeastern United States and is the second most common species of tree in the country.

  1. Western White Pine

Primarily used for molding and trimming, this tree can be found in the mountains of the western United States, especially in California’s Sierry Nevada mountains.

Pine is a wonderful wood full of character. For quality hand built pine furniture visit Dick’s Wood Creations.

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3 Ways to Give your Home Rustic Charm


  1. Floral: Floral patterns are a great way to charm up your home. Timeless and artsy, floral fabrics bring a bit of the outdoors, indoors.
  2. Curtains: Do your window treatments feel bland? Try installing curtains to charm up your rooms.
  3. Wooden Furniture: Does your home feel cold and unwelcoming? Wood is a warm and cozy material. Adding wooden furniture into your home is a great way to make it feel charming and rustic.

Would you like to commission some wooden furniture for your home? Dickswood Creations offers fabulously constructed wooded pieces to add rustic charm to your home.


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